Ice Dance Session


It’s back! Beginning Sunday March 19th, 2017, Sherwood Ice Arena is offering our ice dance session! If you have ever been interested in learning the fundamentals of ice dance or are just curious what it is, stop by Sundays at 8:15-9:30am starting March 19th and going until September 24th, 2017!


$15 per session

Who Can Benefit from Attendance?

Skaters who meet one or more of the following criteria:

  1. proficiency in the Preliminary dances
  2. currently working with a private coach on ice dance
  3. passed Pre-Preliminary MITF and/or the Pre-Preliminary Freeskate
  4. participated in 1 semester of LTS ice dance classes and has received instructor approval


  1. 5 minute warm-up
  2. The demonstrator will review the protocols so that everyone is aware of how the session will work
  3. The demonstrator will explain briefly about the “called dance” and provide an understanding of basic dance steps that will be used for that dance
  4. If not doing the called dance or a high dance has been called and there are couples/singles doing the dance, the demonstrator will move the beginners off the ice
  5. In order to encourage both new and seasoned dancers to attend, there will be a mix of dances to appeal to all proficiency levels as time permits. However, as the session’s aim is to maintain and increase interest and participation, every attempt will be made to give beginning dancers the opportunity to learn the low dances.

You can call 503-625-5757 or email Alyssa Orchard at if you have more questions




Schedule Updates

Recent changes to our schedule:
Changes to our regular schedule updated as of; May 9th

Starting Saturday May 6th, power classes are switching places. Comets will be first from 9:50-10:20am and Shooting Stars will be second from 10:20-10:50am.

On Monday morning May 15th the Carousel Sherwood Figure Skating Club will be hosting a Test Session that will start at 9:30am. Due to the Test session morning Public Session will be cancelled.

Friday evening June 9th the 7:30-9:30pm Public Session will be cancelled due to a private Girl Scout jamboree event.

On Monday morning June 19th the Carousel Sherwood Figure Skating Club will be hosting a Test Session that will start at 8:30am. This will shorten Freestyle session from 5:00am till 8:00am. Due to the Test session Public Session will be cancelled.

Monday June 26th through Friday June 30th morning Open Flex Public Session and Afternoon Open Flex Public will be cancelled all week due to the Pro Ambitions Youth Hockey Camp. Late Afternoon Open Rec Public Session as well as Primetime Freestyle Sessions all that week will begin at their normal times at 3:00pm.

All regularly scheduled events will be hosted at their normal times unless otherwise posted here.

Please call (503) 625-5757 for more updates and questions.

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