Adult Hockey League

The Sherwood Ice Arena Adult Hockey League is dedicated to providing players of all skill levels a safe place to play where the focus is on fun and sportsmanship with equal playing time for all players. The SIA hockey league stresses equal play at all levels of competition. Teams are continually scouted throughout the season. Based on management’s assessment, your team will be matched up with other teams of equal ability to ensure a fun and challenging experience. All games are played at the Sherwood Ice Arena throughout the week, depending on the division.

Season Information

The Sherwood Ice Arena Adult Hockey League offers a Fall league starting in September, a Spring League starting in January, and a Summer League starting in June. Currently the SIAHL has more than 800 players participating in over 57 teams in 9 divisions and our proud members of USA Hockey. The Fall and Spring seasons will consist of 15 regular season games. Following the regular season, all teams will participate in a playoff tournament to determine division champions, gaining everyone a 16th guaranteed game. Schedule averages one game per week. Team sign ups begin in July for the Fall season, December for the Spring season, and April/May for the Summer season. Space is limited, so enroll early. Registration is on a first come first serve basis. Players entering league after the first game will be charged a pro-rated registration fee of $30.00 per remaining game fee. No refunds. Must be 18 years or older during the season to play.  Schedules, scores, and standings are updated weekly here, on Sportability.

Looking For A Team?

Individuals without teams who are looking to play should register as an individual and contact Sean Taylor, SIA Hockey Director, and arrange an evaluation. Sean’s phone number is 503-625-5757 ext. 202. An evaluation consists of the player participating in our Friday night (6:25pm) Adult Hockey Skills class (cost is $17), with a SIA hockey evaluator observing their play and recommending the appropriate division. The player will then be placed on a team that has open slots on their roster. This process helps us ensure skill-level parity throughout the divisions, and that the individual has the most fun playing in a division that is appropriate for their abilities. If enough individuals register to create a team (14), the arena will make a team. Players will then be responsible to purchase jerseys. (Northwest Skate Authority can help you if you need jerseys. Call them at 503-925-8097).

Adult Hockey League Divisions

The idea behind having nine divisions is to have more parity amongst the teams, as well as providing a place for players of all skill levels to play. To ensure this happens, it may be necessary for some players to be relocated once the season starts to make sure they are in the proper division. Players will be relied upon to honestly represent their own skill level to make sure they end up in the correct division. Days & times are subject to change at league’s discretion.

We will have a 15 game season for all divisions (10 for the summer) plus 1 playoff game is guaranteed. Team Reps skate a discounted rate when they provide the rink with a full roster (Full roster = 14 paid players + Goalie).

There are 9 leagues of play in the Sherwood Adult Hockey League:

  • Over 35: Open to all players over 35 – Mondays
  • 4-ON-4: Open to all players over 18 – Fridays
  • Gold: (Open Elite)  – Thursdays
  • Silver AA: (Advanced +) – Sundays
  • Silver A: (Advanced) – Wednesdays
  • Silver BB: (Intermediate +) – Saturdays
  • Silver B: (Intermediate) – Saturdays & Sundays (mostly Sundays)
  • Silver C: (Beginner+) – Tuesdays & Saturdays (mostly Saturdays)
  • Bronze: (Beginner) – Tuesdays

About The SIA Over-35 League

Current players have an opportunity to sign up in advance and secure your spot in the Over-35 League. We will have 8 teams of 14 players + Goalie. After early sign ups all are welcome to join the League until the teams are full. There will be a draft this season and to be eligible for the draft you must be PAID in full at the time of the draft. No packages allowed unless blood relative or family living in the same house (ie: spouse)

* All Bronze division players must wear full-face protection.

Rules and Regulations (see separate tab for full list and details)

Games will be 1 hr. 15 min. with three 20 minute running time periods. Full gear is required including a HECC approved helmet. (A half or full shield is strongly recommended). Players or teams who clearly do not belong at the level they are playing will be moved to the appropriate level at any time at the discretion of the league administration. Sherwood Adult Hockey League strongly supports ZERO TOLERANCE in regards to our referees. They are a huge part of the success of our Adult Hockey League and we thank them and you should too.  Our most recent official rules are listed under the Rules and Regulations tab under Hockey.

No alcoholic beverages are allowed on the premises. Any player visibly intoxicated will be asked to leave the arena/ice.

Stats updated weekly
1 hour 15 minute games
Leagues for all skill levels
Guaranteed 1 playoff game
15 regular season games
(10 for summer)
After Season Starts Pro-Rate $25per game
ALL players must have USA Hockey insurance
Goalies fees are less than player fees
Team reps skate for a small $50 fee with (14 paid players)
All games played at the Sherwood Ice Arena

Dasher Board Advertising

Any League member who has a business or knows a business that would be interested in advertising inside Sherwood Ice Arena will receive a $50.00 discount on League fees for selling a Dasherboard Advertisement.

Still Have Questions?

Please contact our Hockey Director, Sean Taylor at 503-625-5757 ext. 202 or click here to send him an email at


Schedule Updates

Recent changes to our schedule:
Changes to our regular schedule updated as of; May 9th

Starting Saturday May 6th, power classes are switching places. Comets will be first from 9:50-10:20am and Shooting Stars will be second from 10:20-10:50am.

On Monday morning May 15th the Carousel Sherwood Figure Skating Club will be hosting a Test Session that will start at 9:30am. Due to the Test session morning Public Session will be cancelled.

Friday evening June 9th the 7:30-9:30pm Public Session will be cancelled due to a private Girl Scout jamboree event.

On Monday morning June 19th the Carousel Sherwood Figure Skating Club will be hosting a Test Session that will start at 8:30am. This will shorten Freestyle session from 5:00am till 8:00am. Due to the Test session Public Session will be cancelled.

Monday June 26th through Friday June 30th morning Open Flex Public Session and Afternoon Open Flex Public will be cancelled all week due to the Pro Ambitions Youth Hockey Camp. Late Afternoon Open Rec Public Session as well as Primetime Freestyle Sessions all that week will begin at their normal times at 3:00pm.

All regularly scheduled events will be hosted at their normal times unless otherwise posted here.

Please call (503) 625-5757 for more updates and questions.

For Adult Hockey program scores, stats, and standings: